All the money I earn from writing books is reinvested into local and global humanitarian projects in order to support their organizations financially and help bring awareness to their causes. Why? So others may dream.

For most of us, dreaming was a normal part of our childhood. We idolized our favorite superheroes and celebrities and then created worlds where we could be them. We imagined ourselves as doctors and designers, athletes and astronauts. We went to bed dreaming about about all the things we would accomplish and the people we would become. Then we woke up and pursued those dreams. 

But here’s the thing. Having a safe and healthy environment that provides us the opportunity to envision and pursue our dreams is, in itself, a privilege that millions of children around the world are never afforded. There are factors at play—factors like sickness, abandonment, poverty, trauma, slavery, war, or death—that strip away any chance a child may potentially have at living a life of freedom. Children surrounded by these circumstances aren’t even aware that a better life exists. In fact, most of them aren’t even aware of the ability they have to dream that a better life exists. 

And I believe we can change that. I believe we can give back life and restore hope—one book, one project at a time. That’s the soul of my vision. It’s not about fame or wealth or popularity. It’s so others may determine their passions, develop their potential, and discover their purpose. It’s so others may find out who they are and why they were created. It’s so others may dream.