Christian Fiction

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To Dance

Royce is a ten-year-old boy trying to make sense of the world around him. Why are people afraid? What makes people cry? Why does hatred exist? How should you love others? Through a series of journal entries, Royce chronicles his school year of pain, racial injustice, and what it’s like to see the world through the eyes of a child. 


Laurie is a grieving mother who can’t let go of her past. All she has is bitterness and rage—questions with no answers. In order to find true healing, she must embark on a journey that unveils the root of her pain and forces her to face the demons she has spent her life trying to forget. 


As their fates collide, Royce and Laurie will venture into an alternate reality to explore truths behind some of life’s most difficult questions and unleash the power that lies in new beginnings. To Dance will inspire you to find peace amidst your pain, to find significance within your pain, and to find freedom despite your pain. 


Project Represented: Royalties from To Dance are being reinvested to fund the organization Compassion First and their efforts to prevent sex trafficking and aid sex trafficking survivors in Indonesia. 


Purchasing Information: You can purchase To Dance online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks.

Children's Literature

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The Bat and the Mule

I would like to introduce you to a bat named Ralph and a Mule named Jerry! Even though they are traveling the same path, these two animals have completely opposite viewpoints of the world around them.


When they refuse to see the other's perspective, it creates a physical divide between them that threatens to destroy any chance they have at a lasting friendship. Will they overcome their differences and learn how to get along, or will their pride win the day? 


The Bat and the Mule encourages children to respect the opinions of others, to understand the extent to which our words have consequences, and to see the dangers of being “blind as a bat” and “stubborn as a mule.”


Project Represented: Royalties from The Bat and the Mule are being reinvested to fund the Ovi Healthcare organization and their vision of providing critical healthcare to children in vulnerable populations across Africa and Asia. 


Purchasing Information: You can purchase The Bat and the Mule online at Amazon and the Lighthouse Publishing website.

Young Adult Contemporary

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The Space Between Fire and Ashes

After years of physical and emotional torment, Asia has decided to take her own life. The only problem is that someone else has planned to take their life as well—at the same time and in the same place. Her final act has been thwarted, and worst of all: someone now knows her most intimate secret.
Haunting nightmares of a past he has yet to bury lead Aiden to conclude that suicide is his only option. But after stumbling upon a stranger in his darkest hour, he is forced to finally confront the painful truth he’s been running from his entire life. 
After their plans to end it all are inadvertently foiled, Asia and Aiden embark on a complicated journey of self-discovery that neither of them could have foreseen. It seems that fate has saved them, but can it free them? Can they find healing from their pain, or will their past demons strip away any hope of living a normal life? 
Written from a dual perspective, The Space Between Fire and Ashes delves into the deepest recesses of the adolescent mind to explore the power of human connection and the essence of what wills our spirits to endure against all odds.
Project Represented: Royalties from The Space Between Fire and Ashes are being reinvested to fund The Jason Foundation, Inc. and their work to identify and assist individuals battling the "silent epidemic" of youth suicide in the United States.  
Purchasing Information: You can purchase The Space Between Fire and Ashes online at Amazon and iBooks.