Hey! I’m Stephen, and it’s so awesome to finally meet you.

If we were in person, I probably would have already shouted something ridiculous at you and wrapped you up in a hug. So if you don’t get anything else from the stuff you read on these pages, know this—in life as well as on this website, I’m so glad you chose to be here.


To start off, there are two things you should know up front that I’m especially passionate about. The first is mentoring others on how to make the most of time by helping them discover who they are and why they were created. The second is fighting for the heart of humanity by using the gifts I’ve been given to create a better world. So if we’re talking who I am or what I’m about, it all centers around instilling value into people. 


Writing wise, I’m a multi-genre author who explores themes of faith, hope, loss, and love. I’ve published three books to date: a Christian fiction novel called To Dance (Christian Faith Publishing, 2018), a children’s picture book called The Bat and the Mule (Lighthouse Publishing, 2021), and a young adult contemporary novel called The Space Between Fire and Ashes (Kindle Direct Publishing, 2021).


On the flip side of things, if I’m not reading or writing, then I’m most likely watching an episode of The Office, pursuing random adventures with friends, or traveling the world with my stunning wife, Megan. We are both Southern born and bred and currently live in Tennessee.


One last thing. I don’t care who you are or where you’re from or what your past looks like; I think you matter, and I think you belong. That’s what Jesus believed. Everyone was welcome at His table. So grab a hot drink (or a cold one if that’s your style), and come sit down next to me. Breathe, be still, rest. You are loved, and you will always be welcome here.