Compassion First

“Creating sustainable change that empowers survivors to rebuild their lives”

All royalties earned from To Dance are being reinvested to fund the organization Compassion First and their efforts to prevent sex trafficking and aid sex trafficking survivors in Indonesia. After partnering with local law enforcement to rescue children who have been exploited, the CF team provides shelters that offer trauma-specific counseling, higher education services, legal advocacy, and interest-based opportunities. These programs that focus on individualized care allow survivors to heal from their pain and reimagine their futures in a safe and secure environment.

Along with their aftercare shelters, CF also has community outreach programs that serve a local cemetery. Deceived by the promise of money and protection, young boys are lured into drug dealing, while young girls and women (who are often impoverished, disabled, orphaned, or widowed) are preyed on by sex traffickers. These vulnerability factors can create generational cycles of abuse that are impossible to break with the outside help of organizations like Compassion First. This is yet another reason why the work they do is crucial to eradicating evil, fighting injustice, and liberating the oppressed.

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OVI Healthcare

“Transformative healthcare for the world’s most vulnerable children”

All royalties earned from The Bat and the Mule are being reinvented to fund the Ovi Healthcare organization and their vision of providing critical healthcare to children in vulnerable populations across Africa and Asia. Their teams are committed to restoring hope to human suffering by fighting the orphan crisis, ending the poverty cycle, and making critical healthcare services accessible to all children. 

Ovi Healthcare was founded in 2017 with the opening of the Ovi Children’s Hospital in Suna Migori, Kenya. The hospital is a critical and long-term care facility for orphaned and vulnerable children who are dying of life-threatening conditions. Now, Ovi Healthcare has three more facilities set to open in 2021: 1) the Ovi Holistic Health Center in Suna Migori, Kenya will be a health and wellness center that utilizes naturopathic medicine and supportive therapies to assure optimal healing, 2) the Ovi-Khan Hospital in Sylhet, Bangladesh will be a cancer hospital for women and children, and 3) the Ovi’s Children Hospital in Sylhet, Bangladesh will offer rehabilitative care to vulnerable children.


The Jason Foundation, Inc.

“Educating communities on the ‘Silent Epidemic’ of youth suicide”

All royalties earned from The Space Between Fire and Ashes are being reinvested to fund The Jason Foundation, Inc. and their work to identify and assist individuals battling the "silent epidemic" of youth suicide in the United States. Based out of Tennessee, this organization aims to form a triangle of prevention with students, parents, and teachers and provide them with the tools and resources needed to most effectively assist at-risk youth.

JFI offers educational and awareness programs such as curriculum for students and informational seminars for adults, online training courses, social media campaigns, and numerous fundraiser events. They have also partnered with a number of collegiate and professional coaches, as well as nationally acclaimed artists and musicians, to raise a voice for their cause.