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Hey! I’m Stephen, and it’s so awesome to finally meet you. If we were in person, I probably would have already shouted something ridiculous at you and wrapped you up in a hug. So if you don’t get anything else from the stuff you read on these pages, know this—in life as well as on this website, I’m so glad you chose to be here.


I'm a multi-genre author who explores themes of faith, hope, loss, and love. I’ve published three books to date: a Christian fiction novel called To Dance (2018), a children's picture book called The Bat and the Mule (2021), and a young adult contemporary novel called The Space Between Fire and Ashes (2021).

To Dance

A ten-year-old boy and his grief-stricken mother journey to an alternate reality to learn how to cope with pain, make sense of tragedy, and find significance in suffering.

The Bat and the Mule

Two animals with different perspectives of the world create a physical divide between each other that threatens any chance they may have at a lasting friendship.

The Space Between Fire and Ashes
Two teenagers inadvertently foil each other’s plans to take their own lives and together attempt to find healing from their pain and freedom from their past.


All the money I earn from writing books is reinvested into local and global humanitarian projects in order to support their organizations financially and help bring awareness to their causes. Why? So others may dream.


Currently, my books represent the organizations Compassion First (sex trafficking in Indonesia), OVI Healthcare (the orphan crisis in Africa and Asia), and The Jason Foundation, Inc. (youth suicide in the United States).

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Compassion First

Royalties from To Dance are being reinvested to fund the organization Compassion First and their efforts to prevent sex trafficking and aid sex trafficking survivors in Indonesia. 

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OVI Healthcare

Royalties from The Bat and the Mule are being reinvested to fund the Ovi Healthcare organization and their vision of providing critical healthcare to children in vulnerable populations across Africa and Asia. 

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Jason Foundation, Inc.

Royalties from The Space Between Fire and Ashes are being reinvested to fund The Jason Foundation, Inc. and their work to identify and assist individuals battling the "silent epidemic" of youth suicide in the United States. 


I would love to hear from you!

We can talk about anything you like—from the books I’ve written and the vision behind my writing, to the journey you’re on and the things that matter to you. Whatever it is, send me a message!



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