Royce is a ten-year-old boy trying to make sense of the world around him. Why are people afraid? What makes people cry? Why does hatred exist? How should you love others? Through a series of journal entries, Royce chronicles his school year of pain, racial injustice, and what it’s like to see the world through the eyes of a child.

Laurie is a grieving mother who can’t let go of her past. All she has is bitterness and rage—questions with no answers. In order to find true healing, she must embark on a journey that unveils the root of her pain and forces her to face the demons she has spent her life trying to forget.

As their fates collide, Royce and Laurie will venture into an alternate reality to explore truths behind some of life’s most difficult questions and unleash the power that lies in new beginnings. To Dance will inspire you to find peace amidst your pain, to find significance within your pain, and to find freedom despite your pain.

The journey to redemption starts now . . .

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Indie Writing Wisdom is the collaborative work from eleven authors around the world on the various aspects of the writing and publishing process.

The book provides practical advice on a wide range of subjects including writing motivation, plot structure, characterization, editing and formatting, cover design, and book marketing. This comprehensive guide will help you kickstart your writing, enlighten you about the numerous elements of self-publishing, and help ensure your book gets noticed for the right reasons.

All the profits of Indie Writing Wisdom are being donated to aid the Encephalitis Society and their vision to help fatal conditions caused by brain inflammation.

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I would like to introduce you to a bat named Ralph and a Mule named Jerry! Even though they are traveling the same path, these two animals have completely opposite viewpoints of the world around them. When they refuse to see the other’s perspective, it creates a physical divide between them that threatens to destroy any chance they have at a lasting friendship. Will they overcome their differences and learn how to get along, or will their pride win the day? 

The Bat and the Mule encourages children to respect the opinions of others, to understand the extent to which our words have consequences, and to see the dangers of being “blind as a bat” and “stubborn as a mule.”

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