“Transformative healthcare for the world’s most vulnerable children”

All the money earned from my debut children’s picture book, The Bat and the Mule, is being reinvented into the Ovi Healthcare organization. Their teams are committed to restoring hope to human suffering by fighting the orphan crisis, ending the poverty cycle, and making critical healthcare services accessible to all children. 

Ovi Healthcare was founded in 2017 with the opening of the Ovi Children’s Hospital in Suna Migori, Kenya. The hospital is a critical and long-term care facility for orphaned and vulnerable children dying of life-threatening conditions. Now, Ovi Healthcare has three more facilities set to open in 2021. The Ovi Holistic Health Center in Suna Migori, Kenya will be a health and wellness center that utilizes naturopathic medicine and supportive therapies to assure optimal healing. The Ovi-Khan Hospital in Sylhet, Bangladesh will be a cancer hospital for women and children. And the Ovi’s Children Hospital in Sylhet, Bangladesh will offer rehabilitative care to vulnerable children. 

For more information on the Ovi Healthcare organization, follow their journey online:

“Our source of validation? Witnessing a total orphan, who we found in a diabetic coma, now thriving and building his plans for publishing articles about protecting our wildlife and natural resources.”
Ovi Healthcare