“Creating sustainable change that empowers survivors to rebuild their lives”

All the money earned from my debut novel, To Dance, is being reinvested to fund the organization Compassion First and their efforts to aid sex trafficking survivors in Indonesia. After partnering with local law enforcement to rescue children who have been exploited, the CF team provides shelters that offer trauma-specific counseling, higher education services, legal advocacy, and interest-based opportunities. These programs that focus on individualized care allow survivors to heal from their pain and reimagine their futures in a safe and secure environment.

Along with their aftercare shelters, CF also has community outreach programs that serve a local cemetery. Women and children who frequent this cemetery region are often impoverished, disabled, orphaned, or widowed. Deceived by the promise of money and protection, young boys are lured into drug dealing, while women and young girls are preyed on by sex traffickers. These vulnerability factors can create generational cycles of abuse that are impossible to break with the outside help of organizations like Compassion First. This is yet another reason why the work they do is crucial to eradicating evil, fighting injustice, and liberating the oppressed.

For more information on Compassion First, follow their journey online: 

“Our goal is that we would, through every interaction, impart so much dignity and love, that they would begin to see their value as God does; that they would be able to see their beauty as God does; that they would be able to see that they might be worthy more.”
Valerie Bellamy
Director of Operations